Like Fuel for Growth, Newtrition specializes in investments in FoodTech startups. Under the deal, Fuel for Growth will receive both the «expected rate of return» and access to the database of startups and investors Peakbridge Partners cooperates with, EFKO explained.
In addition to Newtrition, Peakbridge Partners manages the Food Sparks Seed Investment Venture Fund as part of the agri-food innovation project — EIT Food — under the auspices of the EU.
EFKO has stressed that the choice of Peakbridge Partners is conditioned by the immersion in the FoodTech market, in-depth involvement with EIT Food as well as deep expertise of its managers, including:
Eric Sieber (Co-founder, Managing Partner) has managed Nestle’s Corporate Venture Fund of more than 700 mln dollars;
Nadav Berger (Co-founder, Managing Partner) has founded the Israeli FoodLab Capital;
Peter Kruger (Managing Director) has managed Startupbootcamp accelerator in Rome.
In September this year, EFKO Group of Companies announced the launch of Fuel for Growth Venture Fund amounting to 50 mln dollars noting that it would focus on investments in FoodTech startups across the globe.
EFKO is one of three largest agro-industrial companies in the Eurasian Economic Union, Sloboda and Altero are among its well-known brands.